Our work started in 2002. We work mainly among the 'Gowlis' and other marginalized groups. Though there is resistance to the work,the response is good .

Ambikanagar came into existence because of the Kali Hydro-Electric Power Project. It is built upon a hill and surrounded by forest.  Around Ambikanagar there are a number of Gowliwadas where Gowlis live.
Our work started here in 2002.  We work mainly among the Gowlis and other marginalized groups.  Though there is resistance to the work, the response is coming slowly.
In 2003, two people obeyed the Lord.  As said about the Gowlis of Gudandur, the smae can be said about them in Ambikanagar too.  Through holistic approach, an effective work can be done among the Gowlis.




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