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Dear Prayer Partners in Christ,

Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.By the grace of God and through your continued prayers the ministry in spite of many hurdles is going on well.Pray for the growth of the ministry and also that the Lord may raise up more workers.


As we enter into the second month of the New Year, the prices of the vegetables which has sky rocketed has brought panic among the common man. Along with this, the corruption in the political circle has stunned the people. Hundreds of people died in the tragic accident at Shabarimalai. Alongside, the persecution against the Christians has not stopped. Pray for the broken Christian families and for the various problems children are going through. Pray also for those who are preparing for their exams.


May the blessings of the Lord and His continuous leading be with you always.


Your brother in Christ

Saheb John


Bird’s Eye View of TTI Ministry in 2010 in Karnataka

Total number of villages visited


Number of New villages visited


Number of People Contacted


Number of People who are led towards the new life


Number of New Christ Worshipping Groups formed


Number of people who obeyed the Lord













Giving thanks and praise at Karewada


Healed from paralysis: Ginival: When our brother visited Hanumanthappa’s family, he has been suffering from paralysis for the past few months. He shared with great burden, ‘I am suffering from paralysis for 4-5 months now and am unable to get up or walk. I keep worrying all the time that I have become a burden on others and feel that no one cares for me. Our brother shared with him from Matt. 9:1-18 about Jesus saying to the paralytic, ‘your sins have been forgiven, take up your bed and go home’ and said God will bless you this day and you will be healed. As our brother kept applying oil and prayed daily for Hanumanthappa, he was completely healed from paralysis. His daughter who was suffering from the clutches of demon possession received deliverance. Seeing these miracles happening in his family, Hanumanthappa, his wife and daughter left their past practices and now attend the worship service every Sunday. Praise God for the many miracles God has brought about in Hanumanthappa’s family.



Healed from stomach pain: Karewada: Our brother writes in his recent report, ‘Manjula is a new believer. She has been suffering from severe stomach pain for the past one year because of which she was unable to eat, sit or stand. When she went to the hospital for check up the doctor did a thorough check-up and said that everything is normal and there is nothing wrong with her. Manjula told our brother, ‘I have never experienced this kind of stomach pain, and I used to feel like committing suicide because of the severity of the pain. Thinking it must be the cause of witchcraft, I even went to many sorcerers but with no relief from the stomach pain. The pain kept increasing day by day and I kept worrying much about it day and night and there was no end to my suffering’. Our brother shared with her from Is. 53:5, ‘we are healed by His stripes’. As he kept praying for her health, Manjula was completely healed from her stomach pain. Now she is in good health and attends the worship service regularly. She shared her testimony – ‘Jesus Christ is truly a great physician, nothing is impossible with Him, He healed me through His stripes. Even-though the doctors could not heal me, Jesus did not forsake me but gave me complete healing from the stomach pain from which I was suffering for almost a year. I will praise Him for this all through my life’. Praise God for this and pray that she will stand firm in her faith in Jesus.



To know Jesus: Belgaum: Recently when our brother visited Priyanka’s house and shared the Good News with the family he noticed that she and her mother looked worried. When asked for the reason she said, ‘both my mother and I have great love for Jesus. Since the time you prayed for our family, there is some kind of peace in our house, but my father and my brother have become against this. They do not allow us to pray or read the Bible and quarrel with us every day for one or the other thing and say that, ‘we have left all our rituals and practices and going after a foreign God’. Pray that the Lord may change the hearts of my father and brother and that they too may know Jesus as their Saviour. Our brother shared with her from Ps. 5:11-12, ‘Jesus shows compassion on His children. His mercy will be like a shield to them and those who seek shelter in Him, He will listen to their cries and answer their prayers and bless them and they will rejoice in Him always. Your father and brother may have become against you, but the Lord will definitely bring about a transformation in them. Do not fear, nor backslide from your faith in Him, stand firm in Him and He will be your help’. Pray that the Lord may be close to Priyanka and her mother and that nothing may stop them from their new found faith in Jesus. Also pray that both her father and brother may come to know Jesus as their Saviour.


For deliverance from alcohol: Ginival: When our brother visited Jayakka’s house, she was looking sad. After the meeting she said to our brother, ‘there is no oneness between me and my husband. He drinks alcohol everyday and abuses me. Our neighbours and my relatives make fun of me. I feel so ashamed to go anywhere. Whatever my husband earns, he spends it on alcohol because of this there is no peace or joy in my family. Seeing us fight all the time our children have become traumatized. Please pray that my family may become normal once again and that my husband may be freed from his alcoholism and that peace and joy may prevail in my house’. Our brother consoled and told her that, ‘the Lord will be your help as you are going through these family problems and will strengthen you, have faith in Him’. Pray that the wonder-working Lord may give deliverance to Jayakka’s husband from the clutches of alcoholism and peace and joy may prevail in that family.


Praise: Pastor John Nag from Danthewada writes, now new people from 14 villages are attending the worship service. Among them one sister travels from 35 kms. Praise God for this and pray that they may stand firm in their faith in Jesus.

* Last month we had asked you to pray for Ursa. Through your prayers Ursa is completely healed and the whole family attends the worship service regularly. Praise God for this miracle. Two people have obeyed the Lord through water, praise God for this.

* By the grace of God, the members of Geedam, Siyachar and Alnar churches came together at Siyor for Christmas and New Year services. Many attended this, praise God for this. Pray that all those who have heard the Good News may come to the saving knowledge of His grace. The church is growing both in Siyachar and in Geedam and there is a need for church building here. Pray for the needed funds towards this.

* By the grace of God 8 new churches have been started, praise God for this and pray that these churches may grow rooted and grounded in the Word of God and be witnesses to Him.


Pray: for Champa as she is suffering from kleptomania. No one in her in-laws place likes her and she keeps worrying about it all the time. She is a new believer. Pray that the Lord may bring about a change in the hearts of her in-laws and that they may accept her into the family.

* Palo a widow in Sargipal is suffering from the clutches of evil spirits. Pray for the complete deliverance from it. Pray for the growth of the church in Sargipal.

* Sakul Devi fell from the moped while traveling and has been hurt badly, pray for healing.

* for the 10 pastors and their families who are working here. Pray that the evil powers may not hinder them and the ministry may move forward without any problems.


Karewada is in Karwar District surrounded by thick forests and is 450 kms away from Bengaluru. Bro. Joseph Siddi along with his family work here among the Siddis, Gowlis and the Lambanis. On December 11th Christmas was celebrated here. Around 75 people attended the meeting. Bro. Elisha opened the meeting with prayers and after singing a few Christmas songs, Dr Saheb John shared the Christmas message from Luke 2:8-20 - ‘Be not afraid’ for a Saviour is born and He will save you, deliver you because man is lost and Jesus came to find him. Therefore do not live your life as you please rather accept the Lord and live your life. After which Bro. Prasanna Kumar shared his testimony. Bro. Adriaan shared the second message from Matt. 28:16-20 on ‘Discipleship’ – go and make disciples and baptize, obey the Lord through our relationship with Him – Matt. 22:37-39 because through faith God has given us salvation. We can do this only when – we spend time with God and with others, work along with God, keep relationship with God through prayer, by listening to the Word of God, by reading and by obeying it. After which Dr Saheb John closed the meeting with prayer and benediction.



Chikkerur is in Haveri District and is 375 kms away from Bengaluru. Bro. Parameshwarappa along with his family work here among the Sudugadu Siddaru and other peoples group. Christmas programme was held here on the 12th December and around 100-125 people attended this. He opened the meeting with prayer and spent some time singing a few songs of praise and worship. Dr Saheb John gave the Christmas message from Luke 2:8-20 – Jesus came to this world to save those who are called by God and not to establish a religion. In believing Jesus there is salvation to mankind. The shepherds were looked down by the elites as lowly yet they got the Good-News because they were precious in His sight. In the same way we too are not wanted by anyone yet we have received the precious gift ‘Jesus’ and we are blessed because of this. After the message Rev. Vinodkumar closed the meeting with benediction.


Masur is in Haveri District and is 350 kms away from Bengaluru. Bro. R K Prakash along with his family work among the Durug-Murugis, Gangamathas, Madiwalas, Lambanis and Dalits. On December 12th Christmas programme was conducted here and around 100 people attended. Pastor Basavaraj opened the meeting with prayer and after singing a few Christmas songs and spending some time in prayer, Bro. Adriaan shared from Matt. 28:16-20 – The purpose why God has kept us in this world is to bring others to His fold. His purposes are very important in each of our lives and it is priceless and we should not neglect His commandments. Later Pastor Basavaraj shared from Ps. 150 on how to worship the Lord and said that we should worship the Lord with joy, peace and reverence. After Bro. Prasannakumar shared his testimony the meeting was closed with prayer and benediction.

Begur is in South of Bengaluru. Christmas was celebrated at our Yeshuva Evangelical Church on the 19th of December. Around 150 people attended the programme Bro. Ravikumar opened the meeting with prayer and after singing a few Christmas songs Bro. Adriaan shared from John 3:16 and said that ‘Jesus’ is the gift God gave us during Christmas. Christmas is not all about exchanging gifts. Jesus sacrificed Himself as a gift to the whole world. No one can give such a gift because the true meaning of this gift is – Jesus came to this world as a King to establish a kingdom of peace and showered His love on everyone and gave Himself on the cross of Calvary for others and through this gave salvation to each one of us. He paid the price which we were supposed to pay on the cross and purchased us and gave us salvation. That salvation cannot be destroyed as it is a life-time gift. Therefore, the true meaning of Christmas is to share the gift which God has given to us with others. After this the Sunday School children did skits, dances, recited songs and memory verses and the students of the Yeshuva College enacted the Christmas play and a skit on ‘Salvation’. Sis. Stephanie distributed gifts to the children. The programme was closed with prayer and benediction by Dr Saheb John. .


Burunapur is in Bijapur District and lies 565 kms North of Bengaluru. Bros. Jesu and Venkatesh is based here and work among the Pinjaras and Dalits. On the 19th of December Christmas programme was conducted here, around 100 attended it. Bro. Ramappa opened the meeting with prayer and after singing a few songs of praise and worship Bro. Joseph Siddi shared from Is. 9:2 – ‘The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness’. The birth of Jesus brought light to this world and pushed the darkness away from it. He also shared from Gal. 5:19-21 that we must get rid of all the fleshly desires and must become a new creation for Christ and said that the light which has come to this world may shine within us. Bro. Ramappa closed the meeting with prayer.


Channarayapatna is in Hassan District and is 150 kms away from Bengaluru. Bro. Ramesh and his family works among the ‘Dorrs’ peoples group. On December 22nd Christmas was celebrated here, around 110 people attended the programme. Bro. Elisha opened the meeting with prayer and Bro. Venkatesh and the students of Yeshuva Bible College sang a few Christmas songs and praised the Lord. After which Bro. Aaron Joel shared from Luke 2:8-20 that Jesus Christ will deliver us from all kinds of fear. He also shared from John 10:10 and said that Jesus came to this world to give life and happiness, to free them from the bondage of sin. Later the children sang special Christmas songs after which the women enacted the drama of 10 Virgins and through it shared the message of Christmas. The second message was given by Dr Saheb John and he spoke from Luke 2:10-11 about the parables of ‘lost sheep’, ‘lost coin’ and the ‘lost son’ and said that God loved the world so much that He came to this world searching for us. He then closed the meeting with prayer and benediction.



Belgaum is 500 kms away from Bengaluru. Bro. Ramappa works here along with his family among the Dalits and other peoples group. On December 25th Christmas was celebrated here, around 100 people attended the programme. Bro. Basavaraj Butagar opened the meeting with prayer. After singing a few songs of praise and worship, special Christmas songs were sung by the new believers. Then Bro. Basavaraj encouraged them from Matt. 1:18-25 about the ‘birth of Jesus’ and the reason why he was born in this world. He said that those who believe in Him will receive the forgiveness of sin and deliverance from the bondage of Satan that is the true meaning of ‘Christmas’. After which Bro. Ramappa closed the meeting with prayer and benediction.


Adriaan, Stephanie and family update: Stephanie was pleased to join Rita in leading a ‘Bridges for Women’ Training Day. This is a training course that aims to facilitate a storytelling ministry among women of oral cultures. She looks forward to more opportunities to be involved with this over the coming months. Both Adriaan and Stephanie continue to enjoy, and be challenged by, their teaching responsibilities at Jeshua Bible College and can’t believe that it is only four weeks until the end of term. Rachel is much improved though still quite weak; please continue to pray for a full recovery. Pieter continues to struggle to make friends with his class mates and feels quite homesick, please pray that the last couple of months of school will a positive experience for him.



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