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Giving thanks and praise at Karewada


Healed from paralysis: Ginival: When our brother visited Hanumanthappa’s family, he has been suffering from paralysis for the past few months. He shared with great burden, ‘I am suffering from paralysis for 4-5 months now and am unable to get up or walk. I keep worrying all the time that I have become a burden on others and feel that no one cares for me. Our brother shared with him from Matt. 9:1-18 about Jesus saying to the paralytic, ‘your sins have been forgiven, take up your bed and go home’ and said God will bless you this day and you will be healed. As our brother kept applying oil and prayed daily for Hanumanthappa, he was completely healed from paralysis. His daughter who was suffering from the clutches of demon possession received deliverance. Seeing these miracles happening in his family, Hanumanthappa, his wife and daughter left their past practices and now attend the worship service every Sunday. Praise God for the many miracles God has brought about in Hanumanthappa’s family.




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