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Healed from stomach pain: Karewada: Our brother writes in his recent report, ‘Manjula is a new believer. She has been suffering from severe stomach pain for the past one year because of which she was unable to eat, sit or stand. When she went to the hospital for check up the doctor did a thorough check-up and said that everything is normal and there is nothing wrong with her. Manjula told our brother, ‘I have never experienced this kind of stomach pain, and I used to feel like committing suicide because of the severity of the pain. Thinking it must be the cause of witchcraft, I even went to many sorcerers but with no relief from the stomach pain. The pain kept increasing day by day and I kept worrying much about it day and night and there was no end to my suffering’. Our brother shared with her from Is. 53:5, ‘we are healed by His stripes’. As he kept praying for her health, Manjula was completely healed from her stomach pain. Now she is in good health and attends the worship service regularly. She shared her testimony – ‘Jesus Christ is truly a great physician, nothing is impossible with Him, He healed me through His stripes. Even-though the doctors could not heal me, Jesus did not forsake me but gave me complete healing from the stomach pain from which I was suffering for almost a year. I will praise Him for this all through my life’. Praise God for this and pray that she will stand firm in her faith in Jesus.



To know Jesus: Belgaum: Recently when our brother visited Priyanka’s house and shared the Good News with the family he noticed that she and her mother looked worried. When asked for the reason she said, ‘both my mother and I have great love for Jesus. Since the time you prayed for our family, there is some kind of peace in our house, but my father and my brother have become against this. They do not allow us to pray or read the Bible and quarrel with us every day for one or the other thing and say that, ‘we have left all our rituals and practices and going after a foreign God’. Pray that the Lord may change the hearts of my father and brother and that they too may know Jesus as their Saviour. Our brother shared with her from Ps. 5:11-12, ‘Jesus shows compassion on His children. His mercy will be like a shield to them and those who seek shelter in Him, He will listen to their cries and answer their prayers and bless them and they will rejoice in Him always. Your father and brother may have become against you, but the Lord will definitely bring about a transformation in them. Do not fear, nor backslide from your faith in Him, stand firm in Him and He will be your help’. Pray that the Lord may be close to Priyanka and her mother and that nothing may stop them from their new found faith in Jesus. Also pray that both her father and brother may come to know Jesus as their Saviour.


For deliverance from alcohol: Ginival: When our brother visited Jayakka’s house, she was looking sad. After the meeting she said to our brother, ‘there is no oneness between me and my husband. He drinks alcohol everyday and abuses me. Our neighbours and my relatives make fun of me. I feel so ashamed to go anywhere. Whatever my husband earns, he spends it on alcohol because of this there is no peace or joy in my family. Seeing us fight all the time our children have become traumatized. Please pray that my family may become normal once again and that my husband may be freed from his alcoholism and that peace and joy may prevail in my house’. Our brother consoled and told her that, ‘the Lord will be your help as you are going through these family problems and will strengthen you, have faith in Him’. Pray that the wonder-working Lord may give deliverance to Jayakka’s husband from the clutches of alcoholism and peace and joy may prevail in that family.




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