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Praise: Pastor John Nag from Danthewada writes, now new people from 14 villages are attending the worship service. Among them one sister travels from 35 kms. Praise God for this and pray that they may stand firm in their faith in Jesus.

* Last month we had asked you to pray for Ursa. Through your prayers Ursa is completely healed and the whole family attends the worship service regularly. Praise God for this miracle. Two people have obeyed the Lord through water, praise God for this.

* By the grace of God, the members of Geedam, Siyachar and Alnar churches came together at Siyor for Christmas and New Year services. Many attended this, praise God for this. Pray that all those who have heard the Good News may come to the saving knowledge of His grace. The church is growing both in Siyachar and in Geedam and there is a need for church building here. Pray for the needed funds towards this.

* By the grace of God 8 new churches have been started, praise God for this and pray that these churches may grow rooted and grounded in the Word of God and be witnesses to Him.


Pray: for Champa as she is suffering from kleptomania. No one in her in-laws place likes her and she keeps worrying about it all the time. She is a new believer. Pray that the Lord may bring about a change in the hearts of her in-laws and that they may accept her into the family.

* Palo a widow in Sargipal is suffering from the clutches of evil spirits. Pray for the complete deliverance from it. Pray for the growth of the church in Sargipal.

* Sakul Devi fell from the moped while traveling and has been hurt badly, pray for healing.

* for the 10 pastors and their families who are working here. Pray that the evil powers may not hinder them and the ministry may move forward without any problems.




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