To be healed from calcium deficiency: Masur: When our brother visited Krupa’s family, she looked worried and the reason for it she said,
‘God in His great mercy gave us the gift of a baby after many years. Praise God for that. The baby’s health was good but for the past few days he has stopped eating and drinking and has become quite weak. Everyone at home is worried about the baby’s condition. We took him to the hospital where the doctor examined him and gave some medicines. Even after giving those medicines there was no change in his health. Again we took the baby to the doctor, this time he did the blood test and said the baby is suffering from calcium deficiency and that’s why he has become so weak. He said, ‘if you leave the baby without treatment he will suffer from other health complications. It will be good if you could take him to a specialist’. After hearing this we are more worried and do not know what to do, please pray to Jesus to give complete healing to our baby’. Our brother consoled them and shared with them from Luke 17:11-19 about Jesus healing the ‘10 lepers’ and said that, ‘nothing is impossible with Jesus, He will definitely heal your baby from calcium deficiency. But you must have complete faith in Him’. Pray that the Lord may heal Krupa’s baby from calcium deficiency.


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