Vision - Bless Chhattisgarh & Orissa: Praise

* Shanthi was suffering from burning sensation in her body and was un-able to sleep or sit in one place

Her family members were worried about her and took her to a witch doctor who applied some herbal medicine but the burning sensation continued. Finally one day they decided to take her to our church in
Siyanar. The believers prayed together for her healing and the Lord heard their prayers and healed her completely. Praise God for this and pray for Shanthi and her family members that they may know the Lord as their Saviour.
* Bholo was under the clutches of an evil spirit which was troubling her for more than a year. She went to
many witch doctors and did whatever they suggested but the problem persisted. She stopped talking and was not able to sleep or eat properly. Some time she used to shout loudly and roam around the village. One day one of our believers in Chhaperbhanpuri talked with her husband and brought her to our church for prayer. Lord heard our prayers and delivered her from the clutches of the evil spirit. Now she is fine and attending the church with her husband. Praise God for this.
* Gagry was married for five years but has no children. Her family was worried about it. Her neighbours used to make fun of her and she used to feel very sad. She accepted Jesus in the month of October and in November she gave testimony that she is pregnant! Praise God for this miracle and pray that the child may grow well in her womb.
* Cherguram was suffering from indigestion problem due to which he was unable to eat proplerly and if he
eats well he will get severe stomach pain. He took herbal medicine but there was no change in his health rather it became worse. One of our believers shared with him the Good News and invited him to attend the church on Sunday. He attended the Kurenga church on Sunday and during the service he gave his life to Jesus. All the members joined together and prayed for his healing. Praise God, he heard the prayers and healed Cherguram completely and now is attending the church regularly.
* Shobha used to suffer from severe back pain during winter and because of the pain she was unable to do sit, sleep or do any work at home. Her family was worried about her condition and they brought her to the all night prayer held at Kirandul church. All the members joined together and prayed for her. She started attending the church regularly and the Lord healed her wonderfully and now even-though it is winter, Shobha is not having any back pain and is able to sit, walk and also do all the work at home. Praise God for this.


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